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Trump on Hacking: ‘I Think It Was Russia’
‘I think it’s a disgrace that information would be let out’

TRUMP: "As far as hacking, I think it was Russia, but I think we also get hacked by other countries and other people. And I can say that when we lost 22 million names and everything else that was hacked recently, they didn't make a big deal out of that. That was something that was extraordinary, that was probably China. We have much hacking going on, and one of the things we are going to do, we have some of the greatest computer minds anywhere in the world that we've assembled. You saw just a sample of it two weeks ago up here where we had the six top people in the world that were never in the same room together as a group, and we are going to put those minds together and we are going to form a defense. And I have to say this also. The Democratic National Committee was totally open to be hacked. They did a very poor job. They could have had hacking defense, which we had, and I will give Reince Priebus credit because when Reince saw what was happening in the world and with this country, he went out and went to various firms and ordered a very, very strong hacking defense, and they tried to hack the Republican National Committee and they were unable to break through. We have to do that for our country. It's very important."

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