Marc Morial: Obama’s ‘Been an Excellent President’ and ‘History Will Judge Him Fairly’

‘We give him an excellent rating’


SCARBOROUGH: "How -- how about -- the revitalization, something you that care a great deal about? The revitalization of urban areas?"
MORIAL: "I would give him a fair on that, because I think that in that area particularly, we would like too have seen a continuation of some of the targeted policies that were part of the stimulus, a greater focus on that. I mean, the big news around our score card, Joe is that we give him an excellent rating, and I think if people look at our report we were fair, we were balanced across the board. And look, he will -- he will leave office with a higher approval rating than any modern president, except for Bill Clinton. He'll be higher than Reagan. Only Clinton, FDR and Eisenhower will leave -- have left office with a higher approval rating. So we think think that -- all told, President Obama has been an excellent president and I think history will judge him fairly."

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