Lewandowski: The Trump Train’s ‘Left the Station and It’s Run Right Over Hillary Clinton’

‘The Trump train is big and it’s left the station’

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LEWANDOWSKI: "You look at states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and places that have not voted Republican in literally a generation, since 1984, the American people want change and Chuck Schumer, what he clearly doesn’t understand, and what the liberals don’t understand is that people are tired of politics as usual and being an obstructionist doesn’t mean we’re getting things done. The American people want jobs, they want a better economy, they want safety. That’s what Donald Trump is promising and Chuck Schumer should jump on board that train if he wants to be part of it.”
WATTERS: “You’re saying that Schumer clowns got to get on the Trump train?”
LEWANDOWSKI: “The Trump train is big and it’s left the station and it's run right over Hillary Clinton. Just remember that.”

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