TIME Reporter: ‘Global Warming Is an Established Fact, It’s Immutable, It’s Non-Negotiable’

‘It’s Not Subject to Politics’

CBS, Time Editor Push 'Deadly' Global Warming: 'Not Subject to Politics'...Or Is It? (NewsBusters)

... Anyway, while searching for CBS reporting on climate, we came across this segment of liberal arrogance on CBS This Morning: Saturday on December 17. The guest was Jeffrey Kluger, a very biased editor-at-large at Time magazine, who insisted that dramatic political "solutions" to global warming were "not subject to" politics:

JEFFREY KLUGER: Good morning.

MASON: First of all, how concerned is the scientific community about the changes in the administration?

KLUGER: The community is concerned and it should be concerned. Look. Global warming is an established fact. It's immutable, it's non-negotiable, it's not subject to politics. Global warming doesn`t read tweets. It doesn`t care about who won the Electoral College vote. It`s an immutable bit of science and what we`re seeing is an administration that is choosing to appoint people who are hostile to that very idea, who, at best, will dodge it by saying, well, I`m not a scientist, I don`t know. Well, then listen to the scientists! Ninety-seven percent of whom say that global warming is real, it`s happening, and it`s a deadly threat.

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