Sean Spicer: Trump Might Replace Regular Press Conferences with Twitter, Facebook

‘Maybe we do a series of press conferences, but maybe we do some town hall, you know, Facebook town halls’

Sean Spicer Suggests Trump Might Replace Regular Press Conferences With Twitter, Facebook (Mediaite)

Incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer suggested in an interview with conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt that president-elect Donald Trump might replace regular presidential press conferences with chats on Twitter and Facebook.

“Do you expect him to keep up a regular and as energetic a series of press conferences as previous presidents?” Hewitt asked Thursday. “Do you expect him to be more or less engaged than previous presidents with that setting, that formal East Room setting sort of thing?”

“That’s a good question,” responded Spicer, “because I think the thing that you’ve seen with Donald Trump is that he doesn’t look to the past and say ‘I’ve got to conform to these precedents.’ He figures out what’s the best way.”

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