Needham: ‘There’s a 0.0 Percent Chance that the Electoral College Tomorrow Will Not Vote for Donald Trump’

‘This is all a distraction’

NEEDHAM: "But the Democrats don’t — don’t run the risk of looking like hypocrites, the Democrats are, in fact, being hypocrites. There’s a 0.0 percent chance that the Electoral College tomorrow will not vote for Donald Trump as president of the United States ... This is all a distraction. What we should be focused on right now is that Donald Trump is making spectacular appointments to the United States cabinet. I think this may be the best cabinet that the country has had certainly in my lifetime. That is what the issue is at. The issue is that Donald Trump won an election because he connected with people who have real anxiety and that the Democrats would be better serving themselves if they spent their time talking about the economic anxiety that people in this country face.

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