Scarborough: Republicans Should Embrace ‘RINO’ Label if it Leads to Victory

The MSNBC host attacks conservative ‘howlers’ for preventing Republicans’ return to the White House

Joe Scarborough To Republicans: 'Do You Ever Want To Be In The White House Again?' (Huffington Post)

Joe Scarborough tore into the GOP on Tuesday's "Morning Joe," asking Republicans if they "ever want to be in the White House again."

The MSNBC host was discussing GOP strategist Mike Murphy's work on pro-gun control ads for New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. Murphy has defended himself against right-wing critics, or "'traitor' howlers" as he called them, over the ads, saying that he supported background checks like the NRA did in 1999.

Scarborough praised Murphy as someone who would help the GOP "get the middle of America back," and speculated that the strategist would be "hounded for the rest of his political life by extreme members of the NRA."

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