Joy Behar Says She Had ‘a Meltdown’ Because ‘Democrats Are Rolling Over’ for Trump

‘I had a meltdown today and I’ll tell you why’

Joy Behar confesses she had a meltdown because ‘Democrats are rolling over’ for Trump (Raw Story)

Members of the Electoral College are requesting a national security briefing to decide whether they should cast their electoral votes for President-elect Donald Trump or abstain. The group has begun calling themselves the Hamilton Electors, named after Alexander Hamilton and Federalist Papers: No. 68. This prompted “The View” co-host Joy Behar to have a “little meltdown” prior to the show, she confessed.

“A little meltdown?” Behar’s co-hosts all exclaimed.

“I had a meltdown today and I’ll tell you why,” Behar began. “Because when we first started — when he first was elected, I was angry and a lot of people were crying, and I said to them, don’t get sad, get mad. So, I was in touch with my rage. Today, I read the New York Times, I read other things, and I realize that the Democrats are not going to do what they have to do to stop [Trump], that the Democrats are rolling over unless they’re changing it right now.”

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