Donald Trump: I Like Cliven Bundy But ‘He Ought to Go Out and Cut a Great Deal’

‘What is he going to do? Are they going to shoot over grazing fees?’

HANNITY: "I don't like heavy-handed government. 200 agents, snipers surrounding a ranch. Seems a little over the top to me."
TRUMP: "It's over the top, it's very strong. I like him but you also have to say -- and I watched you last night with the little debate you had going and she did a very good job."
HANNITY: "Tamera."
TRUMP: "Because you do have certain law. I mean, you have it all throughout the United States and they pay their fees and all sorts of grazing fees and things I'm not accustomed to. If I were Cliven -- and I like him, I like his spirit, his spunk and the people that are so loyal."
HANNITY: "I do, too."
TRUMP: "I do like him, I respect him. He ought to go and cut a good deal right now. That's the best for everybody. It's really vicious, I'm not involved very much in it. I see it a little bit by watching you. But he ought to go out and cut a great deal."
HANNITY: "Yeah, actually, I think that's good advice at this point."
TRUMP: "Yeah, what is he going to do? Are they going to shoot over grazing fees?"
HANNITY: "Honestly, my brother-in-law was there all weekend and he thought it was coming to that."
TRUMP: "A lot of people thought that. He ought to go out. He's in a great position to cut a great deal and I think that's what he should do."
HANNITY: "I thought Judge Napolitano hit the nail on the head, let the government go to court, get an injunction, he can't sell the property and move forward. Why are we using these government resources and spending the money?"
TRUMP: "Well I agree with that but you have laws and you do have laws in the country and you know, if everybody did what he's doing, where does it all go? So this is a great time for him to go in and make a deal."

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