Fox News: Clinton Delays Campaign Ads on Weather Channel Until After the Storm Passes

‘We have requested that stations in Florida delay any of those ads on the Weather Channel until after the storm passes,’ spokesman Jesse Ferguson said in a statement Thursday

“As Hurricane Matthew barrels towards the U.S. with potential to unleash catastrophic damage in the battleground states of Florida and North Carolina, there are now questions about its potential impact on the 2016 race. A short time ago, Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman saying they are now asking stations in Florida to delay airing their ads on the Weather Channel until after the storm passes. They had originally spent tens of thousands of dollars of ads there reportedly to coincide with storm. A Clinton spokesman said ads are accounted for 1 percent of their spending. This comes just over a month Donald Trump seemed to politically outmaneuvered Clinton touring parts of Louisiana devastating by flooding. Clinton did not visit because she said officials asked her to stay away until the situation was stabilized.”

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