Eugene Robinson on Trump: If You Want to Worry, ‘Worry About Complacency’

‘If you want to worry about something ... because you are worried about a Trump presidency, worry about complacency’

"Well, it’s true. I think it’s true. In those two examples, you know, polling is a pretty good science. I think the polls were accurately capturing public opinion. But in the Brexit vote, for example, if under-40 voters voted anywhere near the numbers that over-65 voters voted, even anywhere in the vicinity, it’s quite likely that the Brexit would have failed and Britain would still be in the union. And same in Columbia — only 37% turnout. If more people had voted — it showed there were clear majorities according to polls in favor of the peace deal, yet people sat at home. I think if you want to worry about something, you know, because you are worried about a Trump presidency, worry about complacency."

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