Carson: Trump Being Attacked Because He Is Criticizing Dem Policies that Have Hurt the Black Community

‘That’s why he’s being attacked because, you know, you’re not supposed to attack the sacred cow’

CARSON: "Well, again, you want to listen to what is being said. He’s talking about progressive movement and they’re ruling in the major cities of our nation. What has that led to in the last 30, 40, 50 years? More poverty, more incarceration, broken homes, out of wedlock births, you know, high school dropouts. I mean how — how is that a success? And why do we want to continue that? We need to look at something else. And you’re going to hear, coming from the Republicans, which I admit, they have been late to the game. We should have been into this a long time ago because the — the policies that have been espoused are good policies, but they’ve not been expressed in a way that — that people are going to — to understand them or even listen to them. And Donald Trump is stating that. And, of course, that’s why he’s being attacked because, you know, you’re not supposed to attack the sacred cow. This is our — these are our people. These are our voting bloc. Don’t you dare come in here and start talking to them. But I got news for them. A lot of people in the black community are very, very intelligent and they’re going to be listening very carefully to what’s being said by both sides and they’re going to be making intelligent decisions."

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