Trump on Hillary: ‘There Is No Justice in This Country’

‘It is so sad and the world is laughing at the United States’


HANNITY: "Tell us what your thoughts are. Do you believe this is pay to play?"
TRUMP: "This is brand new that you’re just telling me this. I’m not that surprised but that is a tremendous thing when you hear over half of the people."
HANNITY: "With the secretary of state."
TRUMP: "It’s disgusting. It shouldn’t be allowed. What is going on with Hillary Clinton, there is no justice in this country. There is no justice in this country, 0. And for her to have the right to run for president with what she’s done, deleting 33,000 e-mails. You can imagine what is on those e-mails. It is so sad and the world is laughing at the United States."

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