Giuliani: ‘The Clinton Foundation Is a Straight, out and out Racketeering Enterprise’

‘What she did is outrageous, it’s criminal’


GIULIANI: “ The Obama administration is a disgrace. They have disgraced the justice department with their decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton and now if they’re not investigating the Clinton Foundation we’ve got a Justice Department like it used to be during the teapot dome scandal. The Clinton Foundation is yelling out for an investigation investigation. money goes to the Clinton Foundation. UBS pays $1.5 million in speaking fees to Clinton. Hillary gets the number and names to turn over to the IRS to cut down to $4,900. In the old days when I was a prosecutor we used to call that bribery. When you repeat it as they have done, with Clinton cash over 12 times it starts to become something else I used to do, called a Rico case. A racketeering enterprise. But the Clinton foundation is a straight out and out racketeering enterprise. At least 12 situations in which hundreds of millions of dollars flowed through that Clinton Foundation. On the other side in the State Department, Hillary, Huma Abedin, all the people close to her were doing favors for the people paying the money.”

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