Ezra Klein: Trump ‘Imposing a Penalty on the Republican Party’ for Picking Him

‘That’s how much Donald Trump appears to be costing the Republican party’


KLEIN: "We work with a team of political scientists to create one and the prediction is that in 2016 Republicans should have a slight edge. It should be about a 50.9 victory for the Republican candidate. If you go back to polling in March, Marco Rubio was looking like that. He was leading Hillary Clinton by four points and John Kasich was leading by seven. The difference between that 50.9% and Donald Trump’s two-party share of the polling right now is what we are calling the trump tax. Right now as you put up there, 5.8 percentage points. That’s how much Donald Trump appears to be costing the Republican party in the polls over where we would expect them to be performing. Donald Trump is imposi penalty in the election for picking me."

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