Jill Stein: Close Every Military Base, Dispose Our Nukes, Shut Down F-35 Program

‘Our presumption is to close the bases and to shut down the weapons systems like the F-35’

CUOMO: "Just to be clear you said you would call for a military speck cut of 50%. You want all foreign bases closed. There is no question this is a complex question. Are you saying there would be no military presence anywhere in the world and that would keep America safe?"
STEIN: "We have between 700 or 800 military bases around the world. Do you know how many military bases all other countries combined have? About 30. There’s something really wrong with this picture. Do you know how much of our budget actually goes to maintaining this bloated and dangerous military budget? 54% of our discretionary budget —
CUOMO: "So you would close all —"
STEIN: "About half your income tax is going to this failed catastrophic policy of regime change."
CUOMO: "I’m trying to be clear. Would you close all of them?"
STEIN: "That would be our presumption."

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