Noah: Like Melania, If Trump Steals Obama’s Policies, America Would Be Safe from Danger

‘We should be encouraging her because if she feels comfortable stealing Michelle Obama’s speech and make it normal — maybe Trump will feel okay stealing Obama’s policies’

NOAH: "Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying no one has the right to be afraid. I'm not even saying feelings are inconsequential. You cannot complain about America being afraid, though, when you are the same people frightening it, which gets me back to Melania Trump. That was the one speech that was kind, hopeful, unifying and optimistic. It's almost audacious how hopeful it was. And so what if it was taken from Michelle Obama. If that's what it takes to bring America and have a positive message, then take everything, go ahead, do jumping jacks and eat your kale while giving a speech! I don't know why Melania Trump is in trouble for plagiarizing. We should be encouraging her because if she feels comfortable stealing Michelle Obama's speech and make it normal. Maybe Trump will feel okay stealing Obama's policies and the country won't be such a dangerous place. And I know people might say Trevor, we can't just plagiarize President Obama can we? And I say, yes, yes we can."

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