Trump: GOP Platform Is ‘Largely a Trump Platform’

‘A few people have said it’s like a Donald Trump speech’

BAIER: "The rules committee is going to do their thing and we'll see what comes out of there. 
TRUMP: "You look at the platform right now, it's largely a Trump platform. Strong on trade, we're doing something for the evangelicals, which is incredible. Take a look at what's going on with tax exempt status, because they keep getting threatened that we're going to take away your tax exempt status."
BAIER: "You have to concede that the platform is a little more socially conservative perhaps than you've campaigned on."
TRUMP: "You look at trade --"
BAIER: "The wall and those things." 
TRUMP: "And if you look at the wall and the boarders and you look at all the things, a few people have said it's like a Donald Trump speech."

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