Feinstein on Orlando: ‘This Is Really a National Security Issue, It Isn’t a Gun Control Issue’

Terrorists are not in the U.S. to ‘buy a gun legally’


FEINSTEIN: "We have worked with the Justice Department in drafting this legislation and the justice has sent a letter supporting it, said it gives them a new tool, I do not believe Mr. Lapierre is correct on this. Let me say this, John, this is really a national security issue. It isn’t a gun control issue. Let me explain why. The FBI has about a thousand ongoing investigations. John Brennan told the intelligence committee on Thursday in open hearing that ISIV actively pursuing operations to commit attacks in the west and bring people in to western countries, whether it’s through immigration, whether it’s any other way. Fact of the matter is that is well-known that terrorist can come into this country, they do not — they are not on the list which is the database of ten situations where you can deny gun. They’re not there, there for buy a gun legally in this country. What this legislation does is give the attorney general the authority that if there is reasonable suspicious that the person when they do the background check, potential terrorist, the gun sale can be denied. It also has an appeal process, an administrative appeal process as well as a legal process."

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