Chris Murphy Can’t Say if Gun Control Would Have Stopped Orlando

‘The question is if this law was in place would it have been impactful on Orlando? It might have been’

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Sen. Chris Murphy, who led a Senate filibuster Wednesday in hopes of creating action on new gun control legislation, was unable to say Thursday morning that any new gun restrictions would have stopped the Orlando terrorist attack. He appeared on "CBS This Morning": 

O’DONNELL: “Would any of the legislation that you’re supporting have prevented the shooter in Orlando, the shooter in San Bernardino, or the shooter in Newtown from purchasing a gun?”
MURPHY: “So, it’s certainly a question as to whether this may have been impactful in Orlando. What this legislation Senator Feinstein has offered would allow is for the FBI to put individuals on the list of those who can’t buy weapons if they suspect that they are linked to terrorist organizations. And —” [crosstalk]
O’DONNELL: “But as you know, if someone is currently on a terror watch list and goes to buy a gun, the FBI director said they are notified. There is an alert sent.”
MURPHY: “So there’s an alert sent, but there’s no prohibition on an individual walking out of the store with a weapon. And the fact is that — in this case, the time between the purchase of the weapon and the attack was fairly short. And so, if we have made a decision that the people on these lists can’t get on a plane, and we’ve all made that decision, Republicans and Democrats, why don’t we also make a decision that they can’t get a weapon? I think that there is the question if this law was in place would it have been impactful in Orlando? It might have been. And I think that’s one of the reasons why it’s worthy to go forward.”
KING: “Well many people applauding you for raising the issue again. Thank you very much, Senator Murphy, for joining us this morning.”
MURPHY: “All right. Thank you.”

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