Bill Clinton: More People Would Have Died If Club-Goers Were Armed

‘It’s clear that if you’re firing a lot of ammunition in a short amount of time with a weapon designed to kill, more people will die than if you’re stuck with a pistol’

BILL CLINTON: "All I know is this. We had a ten year ban on assault weapons. That was passed when I was president. I signed it. We pushed hard for it. And no small number of members of Congress lost their job because they voted for that and for what was then comprehensive background check law ... It worked pretty well. And then, you know, when it was allowed to expire, for a while we didn't seem to have an uptake in crime. But if you look at what happened with these big weapons in Sandy Hook, Aurora, Colorado, and most recently in Orlando, San Bernandino, it's pretty clear that if you are firing a lot of ammunition is a short amount of time, where the weapon is designed only to kill, more people will die then if you are stuck with a pistol. If the guy just had a pistol in that night club I don't think anybody believes he could possibly kill 49 people."

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