Orlando Imam: Gun Control a ‘Matter for Congress’ to Address

‘I call on American Muslims nationwide to rise and to stand up against terrorism, against radicalization’


MUSRI: "The spree of mass shootings is not just for Muslims. We had over 100 mass shootings this year. And I think we need to address as the president said yesterday in his remarks the fact that if you have an assault rifle, military style assault rifle, law enforcement can do very little to respond in time before so many precious lives are lost. So that’s a matter for Congress, but for us as a community, we are grieving here. We lost loved ones. There is also family among those who are lost, as well as Muslim and we feel that we want to reach out to our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community. We stand with you, and we are really grieving with you. And we’re praying for your recovery."

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