Brokaw Blames Lack of Gun Control for Orlando Mass Shooting

‘Guns are really easy to get your hands on, that’s the debate that should really be going on’

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NBC's Tom Brokaw said lax gun laws are responsible for the terrorist attack in Orlando, Fla. He appeared Sunday on "Meet the Press":

BROKAW: "There are a lot of dead people at the point of a gun. Guns are really easy to get their hands on and that's the debate that ought to be going on. As I said a moment ago, in America now it is taken for granted. You got a problem, take care of it with a gun. I grew up with guns. We didn't have this kind of thing going on at that time. Everybody had sports rifles and they were taught by their parents or others. We didn't have mass shootings across America like we do now. They are a routine."

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