Melissa Francis: ‘I Would Gnaw off My Right Hand and Have a Stump’ Before I’d Vote for Hillary

‘ — because she is all about big government’


FRANCIS: "I'm an independent. I have no party affiliation. A lot of people say that because they're journalists and they don't want — obviously, I express my opinion all the time so people know where I am and there would be no point in that.  I don't feel any party fulfills what I believe in. I'd probably be closest to libertarian because I think our government is the root of all evil and should get out of everything, but I also believe in strong national security so there the two paths really diverge. So that can be a real challenge, but I think there are so many people now that don't affiliate with a specific party — this is a really big thing — and sincerely don't affiliate with a specific party. You don't want to be labeled, you don't want to be grouped, you don't want to be told what to think, what to vote. You know, I'm not going to vote down any ticket for any group of people. I mean, of course, if I don't like big government there's no way I could ever, ever — I mean, I would gnaw off my right hand and have a stump before I would let it go vote for Hillary Clinton because she is all about big government."      

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