Marc Thiessen on Rick Perry Endorsing Trump: He Apparently Wants a Job

‘Rick Perry apparently wants a job’

THIESSEN: “Rick Perry apparently wants a job. That has something to do with this. Of course Donald Trump loves this country. Nobody questions that. It’s not about the GOP big wigs again. Paul Ryan actually didn’t say, I’m not going to support Donald Trump. He said, I want to support Donald Trump but I’m not there yet thaexts where 60% of Republicans are. He did not win it’s factually incorrect to say he won by the largest margin ever. He won by the smallest margin since 1968. He has a large number of Republicans that are not sure whether he supports Republican principles, whether he believes in limited government. He flip-flopped within days of winning on the minimum wage. Before, he said during the debates he was against raising the minimum wage. Now he says he’s for it.”

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