Gingrich: Liberals Like Warren Have Failed in Inner Cities So They Call Trump Racist

‘They are terrified that somebody like Donald Trump will have the guts to go in inner city and take them head on’

GINGRICH: “Look, the fact is, liberal Democrats have failed. They have failed in Southside Chicago where people are getting shot every day. They have failed in school districts like Detroit where 91 percent of the kids can’t graduate. They can’t read. They failed to create jobs for the inner city poor, and so they yell racist. They have no answers, no solutions. They’ve been running Chicago for three generations and they have failed. They have run Baltimore — the last Republican city council member in Baltimore was 1942. So, what do they do? They yell racist. Because they’re terrified that somebody like Donald Trump will have the guts to go into the inner city, take them head on, point out who — who’s been destroying the future for children."

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