Huckabee Daughter Defends Mike Tyson Endorsement: Trump Is ‘The Ultimate Outsider’

‘—Which is the biggest contrast that anyone can make against Hillary Clinton’

RADDATZ: Sarah, a pro-Cruz super PAC has released an ad about Trump’s support of boxer Mike Tyson, who was convicted of rape in 1992 and served three years in prison. Let’s watch that.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "One of the leaders of the effort to keep Tyson out of prison is Donald Trump.
TRUMP: You have a young woman that was in his room, his hotel room, late in the evening at her own will, who was seen dancing for the beauty contest, dancing with a big smile on her face."
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "So, you’re endorsing Trump, essentially."
TYSON: "I like, Trump, yeah. He should be president of the United States."
ANNOUNCER: "Paid for by Trusted Leadership PAC."
RADDATZ: "This is what your candidate said about Mike Tyson. Trump said at a rally in Indianapolis, Mike Tyson endorsed me. I love it. He sent out a tweet, “Mike, Iron Mike.” Is that the kind of endorsement that Donald Trump should be looking for?"
SANDERS: "Look, I think Donald Trump is looking for the endorsement and the vote of every American. And I think that’s why he’s doing so well. He’s not playing by the typical Washington playbook. And I think that’s one of the reasons that he’s doing so well in the primary and going to go on to win the general. He’s not a Washington insider, which is the biggest contrast that anyone can make against Hillary Clinton. He’s the ultimate outsider. She’s the ultimate insider. And in the year of the outsider, I think he’s going to do extremely well in November against her."

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