Trump on His Tax Plan: ‘I Want to Do Something with the Wall Street Guys’

‘We are going to have vital economy again’

HANNITY: “You had said you want to lower taxes for everybody and as a matter of fact under your plan you talk about a lot of people paying no federal income tax. Do you want to raise taxes on the wealthy?”
TRUMP: “I want to do something with the Wall Street guys because some of these guys are making so much money. I want to get rid of carried interest and some other things but overall my taxes are going down for the middle class and for business and I think ultimately everyone's going to do better because our businesses are going to generate for money and we're going to have a vital economy again. We have the phony unemployment rate of 5 percent when the number is in the 20s. You look for a job, you can't find a job, you quit looking for a job and you're considered as thaw though you're fully employed. Our jobs are being ripped away from our country.”

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