Van Jones: ‘Big Dog’ Bill Clinton ‘Made Mess on Carpet’ Hitting BLM

‘I think the problem is that Bill Clinton came back out, and the big dog kind of made a mess on the carpet, and so now you’ve got to go back and re-litigate ‘

CNN's Jones: 'Big Dog' Bill Clinton 'Made Mess on Carpet' Hitting BLM (NewsBusters)

Appearing as a panel member on Thursday's CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin, liberal CNN political commentator Van Jones slammed former President Bill Clinton from the left for confronting Black Lives Matter protesters over the 1994 crime bill that increased prison sentences for illegal drug convictions.

As Jones praised Hillary Clinton for coming out for changing the 1994 law her husband signed, the liberal commentator then got colorful in referring to the former President as "the big dog" as he asserted that Bill Clinton "made a mess on the carpet" by defending the law.

Well, look, I mean, I think she has gotten it right more than wrong. I mean, she has said, you know, at that time, people felt a certain way, but she, her very first speech, as you pointed out many times, was saying, "Hey, we overshot the runway. We went too far." And now she has put forward ideas about how to fix it.

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