Clinton Spox: ‘Sanders Campaign Needs to Take a Timeout’

‘The Sanders campaign needs to take a deep breath here’

Clinton press secretary: 'Sanders campaign needs to take a timeout' (Politico)

Bernie Sanders' campaign "needs to take a timeout," a top aide for Hillary Clinton said Thursday, amid escalating rhetoric from the Vermont senator's team over the past week, and in particular over the past day.

Sanders' remark Wednesday night that Clinton is not qualified to be president "speaks to the level of desperation" on his campaign, press secretary Brian Fallon said during a segment on MSNBC, remarking that the delegate math "is very daunting for them, and in the past few days, we’ve seen the rhetoric get out of hand."

"I think that the Sanders campaign needs to take a timeout," Fallon said, referring to Sanders' comment over qualifications the previous night, as well as recent remarks from Sanders' campaign manager Jeff Weaver.


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