Trump on Cruz: ‘I Think They’re Right’ He’s Not Eligible To Be President

‘If for some reason he should get the nomination, I really believe you’re wasting your time’

DONALD TRUMP: "If he gets the nomination, within the first few days he will be sued by the Democrats that he doesn't have the right to be president. And I think they're right because he wasn't born on our soil. He wasn't born -- he's not a natural-born citizen. He's not a natural-born citizen. I don't like to make a big deal of this. But it was just brought up by somebody. He is not a natural-born citizen. So if for some reason he should get the nomination, I really believe you're wasting your time. And boy, are we going to have a problem. You're going to have somebody who's going to be sued. Probably will lose the lawsuit. He lived there for four years. Mother was there."

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