Halperin: Trump Like Clinton Is on an ‘Inexorable March to a Majority of the Delegates’

‘Last flight only heightens the prospect of a Trump/Clinton general election’

BRZEZINSKI: "Let’s turn to last night’s election results. Yesterday saw another strong voter turnout, really strong. That wasn’t the cause of the tieup in Phoenix where some waited five hours to cast ballots after county officials in a cost-saving move decided to open only 60 polling sites in a county with two million registered voters. By comparison, 200 were opened for the 2012 presidential primary. In Arizona’s winner take all race last night, Donald Trump is the projected Victor. 47% to Ted Cruz’s 25%. Trump takes all 58 of the state’s delegates and notice that Marco Rubio, who ended his campaign a week ago, is leading John Kasich, a likely effect of early voting. But Cruz answered back in Utah’s caucus where he is projected to easily clear the 50% threshold to claim all of its delegates rather than a proportional split. Kasich in a distant second at 17%, trump at 14%. Confidence emanated from Cruz’s campaign manager Jeff roe who called his not? A tweet “We will get 50% plus in Utah and all 40 delegates, #babe Ruth.” Cruz has a big deficit to overcome. Each picked up a delegate from American Samoa and trump took away the most delegates on the night, trump stands at 744 delegates to Cruz’s 468. So Ted Cruz is feeling like he’s in the game, Joe, is he?"
SCARBOROUGH: "Yeah. It’s hard to say it was a split decision last night. The only number that matters is 1237. Mark Halperin sort through this for us. How did last night’s results fit in to the bigger question of whether there’s going to be a contested convention or not."
HALPERIN: "Well, Donald Trump like Hillary Clinton is on an inexorable March to a majority of the delegates. People who want to stop trump or Clinton can’t keep splitting contests, they have to start beating them decisively. Trump wins Arizona, Cruz gets Jeb Bush’s endorsement, does very well in Utah but the showdown is Wisconsin now. Last flight only heightens the prospect of a Trump/Clinton general election unless they can be stop independent too two weeks in Wisconsin. If they can’t be stopped there, it’s close to over."

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