Nutter Denies Clinton Only Cares About Minorities: Couldn’t ‘Be Further from the Truth’

‘The reality is that Hillary Clinton cares about all Americans’

COSTELLO: “With me now is Michael Nutter, former mayor of Philadelphia and a Clinton supporter. Welcome, sir. “
NUTTER: “Good morning, Carol.”
COSTELLO: “Good morning. There is an article in “The new York Times” says while male voters think Clinton doesn’t care about them, that she only cares about minorities and women. Why do they feel that way? “
NUTTER: “Well, one, Carol, nothing could be farther from the truth. The reality is that Hillary Clinton cares about all Americans. She has campaigned that way and she has campaigned in every part of the country, and has talked about issues that all Americans care about, but certainly if we are talking about white males or any other males or anybody else, issues of jobs and the economy, and how do we get even more Americans back to work. Notwithstanding some of the good news that comes out from time to time about jobs or the declining unemployment rate, but the fact of the matter is that more and more people still need to work, and this is not about trying to slice up the electorate into each of its individual components. What we have seen in this election is Hillary Clinton clearly demonstrating what it takes to be president the united States of America which —“ 
COSTELLO: “I will say —“
NUTTER: “Diverse coalition all across the country.”
COSTELLO: “That is the key. She seems to be actively courting minorities and female vote but doesn’t seem to be courting the while male vote.”
NUTTER: “Well, I don’t know what makes it seem that way. I know it gets portrayed that way when election contests down south. From the media standpoint a whole lot more emphasis on minority population. When you listen to what she actually says and talks about, I’ve heard her many, many times in the north, in the south, in the east and everywhere else, the message is consistently the same. It’s about children. It’s about families. It’s about jobs. It’s about varying in our infrastructure and making sure that our kid can go to school in affordable way and not have enormous debt. I think that, you know, we all can do a better job as a candidate or having been a candidate and getting that message across is a challenge for secretary Clinton and clearly she will do better.” 
COSTELLO: “Whatever she is saying to voters she is not capturing that segment of the population and the exit polls prove that. According to you lot the largest percentage of white votes ever cast for an African-American in a Philadelphia mayoral primary. Some say because you were unafraid to criticize some within the black community. Here is what is said mostly after African-Americans were robbing a store. You said if you want to act like a butt-head, your butt is going to get locked up. I’m guessing most white men think Hillary Clinton would never say something like that even if it was just I have had.”
NUTTER: “Well, look. As an African-American, quite honestly, whether it’s an election year or not, that was after the primary, as an African-American, certainly I can say some things that maybe others can’t say in certain situations and that was very particular to Philadelphia. The larger point here is Hillary Clinton is doing very, very well all across the United States of America and, again, any candidate can do a better job with a particular segment of the population, but if you’re running a broad-based campaign and if you’re campaigning to be president of the United States of America, 320 million people, black, white, Asian, Latino, male, female, Hispanic, you have a message and she will do I think a better job at communicating that message that maybe white males want to hear. If you look at the website and what she says, she talks about jobs jobs jobs. Dealing with the economy and helping our young people get an education. Look. We have a ways to go in this election cycle but she is doing very, very well so far.” 
COSTELLO: “Let me ask you one more question about — president Obama, everybody says at some point he is going to come out and actively support her. From the state of Ohio, I grew up in the blue collar areas. White men did not particularly like President Obama and thinking he did a terrible job. Will President Obama’s support of Hillary Clinton hurt her even more among that particular group- of voters?”
NUTTER: “No. And, secondly, you know, President Obama, with his incredible work and legacy, folks will decide who they want to be for and if they like someone else that is the way it goes in electoral politics. Secretary Clinton has been supportive and faithful much to what President Obama has done. Think about where we were. He rescued the auto industry, brought us the affordable care act. He supported the improvements that we have seen in housing. The unemployment rate is below 5%. Certainly much less than when he took the oath of office in January of 2009. Any one of us can do better at communicating a message to a particular constituency but, again, Hillary Clinton, president Barack Obama, have an ability to communicate to the breadth and depth of the American public, which is not monolithic and people hear different things from different candidates based on what is on their minds.”
COSTELLO: “Absolutely. Michael Nutter, thank you for your insight. I appreciate it.”
NUTTER: “Thanks, Carol.”


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