Clinton Spox: ‘We Outperformed Our Own Expectations Last Night’

‘We were very pleased with the results last night’

MITCHELL: "First of all, congratulations. You were, in fact, according to all my reporting, you were surprised. You were surprised by Ohio, you were surprised if this does become a victory in Missouri and Illinois." 
FALLON: "Yes, Andrea, I will admit we outperformed our own expectations. It was a clean sweep. We now have a delegate lead of over 300 which almost doubles President Obama's largest lead in 2008 over Hillary Clinton. I think that as the robbymook memo points out, the nomination is effectively out of reach for senator Sanders. I think that as much as anything the take away from last night was the broad coalition of support we saw across the five states voting. In addition to the individual states of just winning 5 out of 5 states, if you look at who came out and supported Hillary Clinton, she won big with women, African-American voters, white working class voters, union households and even, Andrea, with voters who said that it was a top concern these trade deals, which is the exact inverse of what you saw in Michigan. I think it reflects that she is strongly positioned not just to win this nomination but in a potential general election. We have the makings of a truly winning coalition going forward, so we were very pleased with the results last night." 

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