Students Move To Ban Chick-fil-A After Sight of Bags Make Some Feel Endangered

University of New Mexico votes on banning school’s most popular eatery

Gay Students Say They Feel Threatened By Chick-fil-A's Presence, But School Board Votes Vendor Can Stay (CNS News)

A group of liberal students at the University of New Mexico tried their best to get Chick-fil-A kicked off campus because they claimed the eatery made them feel "unsafe." The students even took to theatrics, such as crying and hyperventilating, before a vote was held on whether the restaurant could stay or not- despite a majority of students having no problem with them on campus.

Gay students claimed that they even felt threatened by the mere sight of students and faculty carrying bags with the Chick-fil-A logo on them.

KRQE Reports:

"Chick-fil-A landed on the hot plate last week after a student group voted to kick the restaurant off campus claiming its very presence made gay students feel unsafe.

"The issue stems from the Chick-fil-A president's controversial comments on gay marriage [supporting traditional marriage] last year. The board governing the Student Union Building took up the issue with a vote Wednesday

"'Students started expressing to me they felt unsafe to go into their own campus union building,' Sen. Miquela Ortiz of the Associated Students of UNM said. 'When they said they felt uncomfortable on campus, I felt it was an issue that I should bring up.'

"'Please look at this from a moral standpoint,' said Brittany Arneson, a student against having Chick-fil-A on campus. 'Look at the kids that are here that are telling you, 'I do not feel safe on this campus anymore.'"

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