Romney Records Robocall for Rubio: ‘I’m Convinced Donald Trump Will Lose to Hillary’

Romney: ‘I believe these are critical times that demand a serious, thoughtful commander-in-chief’

GUTIERREZ: “...area later this evening. But as you mentioned, Mitt Romney now recording a robocall for the Marco Rubio campaign and sets its ground in four states voting today. And the thinking is it could potentially help Marco Rubio in a state like Idaho with a significant Mormon population, as well the Rubio campaign hopes maybe in Michigan where Romney’s father was the governor there. However it’s a steep climb for Marco Rubio especially in Michigan some polls have him down there at — in fourth place and that would be a very disappointing finish for Marco Rubio in Michigan. But let’s take a look at Romney’s robocall that he recorded.”
[clip starts]
ROMNEY (robocall): “Hello. This is Mitt Romney, and I’m calling on behalf of Marco Rubio for president. I believe these are critical times that demand a serious, thoughtful commander-in-chief. If we Republicans were to choose Donald Trump as our nominee I believe that the prospects for a safe and prosperous future would be greatly diminished and I’m convinced Donald Trump will lose to Hillary Clinton.”
[clip ends]
GUTIERREZ: “And a spokesman — spokesperson for Mitt Romney says that Romney is willing to do the same and help out the other campaigns from Senator Ted Cruz or John Kasich in any way. His focus is to stop Donald Trump. But again, the key — the key race right now for Marco Rubio campaign is here in Florida. That Monmouth University poll has him down at 8 — down 8 points here in Florida, but has him virtually neck and neck with Donald Trump here in northern Florida, really trailing significantly in central Florida. The Rubio campaign feels that they can perhaps gain some momentum from this debate later this week in Miami, but his critics say are calling on him to get out of the race. The question will be can he gain enough traction in the next couple of days to be able to take on Donald Trump. Steve.”
KORNACKI: “All right. Gabe Gutierrez in Florida.”

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