Podhoretz: ‘The Entire World Goes up in Flames’ If Trump Is President

‘He is a disgusting repulsive nauseating human being who is lowering our politics moment by moment’

BRZEZINSKI: “John, pair it down for me. What’s the crime here?”
PODHORETZ: “He is the crime. He’s the crime.”
BRZEZINSKI: “You’ve got to get over it.”
PODHORETZ: “He is a disgusting repulsive nauseating human being who is lowering our politics moment by moment and destroying the foundations of civility in this country and that’s not his voters’ fault, but they will be responsible if they put — if they install him as the nominee of the Republican Party. He is the crime. Whether or not, what he is —“ [crosstalk]
BRZEZINSKI: “Can I push back?”
BRZEZINSKI: “You’re going to get it all ways now. Can I say if there’s a crime here, it’s the Democrat/Republican Party over the past decade or two breaking promises and not getting things done and not doing what they set out to do, not being able to broker deals and by the way that includes our president right now.”
PODHORETZ: Yes. So, it’s OK to say that all Muslims should be banned from the United States.” [crosstalk]
BRZEZINSKI: “I think the crime — no, John — John —“
PODHORETZ: “To refuse to disavow the KKK.”
BRZEZINSKI: “John, John.”
PODHORETZ: “What? I’m talking about what he’s saying and you’re talking about who is responding to him. These are two separate things.”
BRZEZINSKI: “But John, we can’t argue with voters who is support —“ [crosstalk]
PODHORETZ: “Sure you can argue with voters.”
BRZEZINSKI: “So, what we have to look at —“
PODHORETZ: “Why can’t you argue with voters? Voters are like — voters are some sort of wondrous phenomenon —“ [crosstalk]
GIRIDHARADAS: “Well, you can’t tell voters that their vote doesn’t matter. But I think, what you can —“
PODHORETZ: “I’m not telling them it doesn’t matter. In fact, it matters very much.” [crosstalk]
GIRIDHARADAS: “I know, I agree with you. What I’m saying is all the old people who are trying to defeat Trump are playing by an old set of rules — that’s ‘Game of Thrones’ politics.”
BRZEZINSKI: “But people don’t believe in it.”
GIRIDHARADAS: “And we now live in the age of Kardashian politics —“
PODHORETZ: “Well, they just soaked —“
GIRIDHARADAS: “— but good people can win in this age. I remain convinced of that.”
PODHORETZ: “They soaked the joint with gasoline and Trump just lit the match.”
BRZEZINSKI: “He lit the match, yeah. [crosstalk] Your people. People that you know —“
PODHORETZ: “Yeah, well,  your people, too.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Exactly.”
PODHORETZ: “I know. That’s not — that’s not what I am saying. OK.”
BRZEZINSKI: “I don’t think he’s the crime. I think we need to all look within and Washington should, too.”
PODHORETZ: “Everyone should look within themselves.”
UNKNOWN MALE: “I agree with that.”
PODHORETZ: “And everybody — and that would be something that would be nice if the Republican frontrunner were able to do so that he would control his repulsive behavior and do something — you know, he has a possibility of being president of the United States. He goes into the White House on January 20th, 2017, and the entire world goes up in flames, because he is so noxious.”

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