Liz Mair Battles Trump Supporter: Not Great for GOP to Expand Party to Achieve Big Gov’t

‘The only difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is that Donald Trump is a little less keen on Mexican that Hillary Clinton is’

COSTELLO: “I will say, Liz, that Adrianna has a point. I mean, I’m reading through Mitt Romney’s speech, and I see a lot of slams against Donald Trump, but I don’t see anything that inspires hope. You know, you might not agree with Mr. Trump, but he’s inspiring something. He’s inspirational to a lot of who are people voting for him. So Mitt Romney —“
MAIR: “I think he’s seizing on a lot of anger that exists out there, and anger does exist out there, but I think it’s absolutely ludicrous to suggest that the answer of the problems that we’re having with governance in this country is to double down on a failed big government, liberal, very left leading approach. If you actually look at Donald Trump’s issue positions, that’s exactly where he is on the issues. He is not conservative. It’s absolutely no surprise that a huge, huge chunk of his voting base comes from the Democratic Party from moderate and more economically liberal voters who have suddenly decided to affiliate as Republicans because the guy is a big government liberal. He’s not a conservative. That’s a matter of fact.”
COHEN: “The establishment should be happy he’s expanding the party.” [crosstalk] 
MAIR: “I’m not happy about — no. Expanding the party in order to deliver democratic big government liberal policy wins is not something that anybody who actually cares about conservative policy can get behind. You’re mistaking conservatives and libertarians —“ [crosstalak] 
COHEN: ‘Where has he said he’s going to grow government?”
MAIR: “Are you freaking kidding me? Everywhere.”
COHEN: “Conservatives want to reduce government.” [crosstalk] 
MAIR: “He doesn’t. He said he will not do anything to reinform entitlement. He’s for green energy mandates. He wants to raise taxes. This is a guy who wants to institute a single payer health care scheme in his own words. He is for eminent domain abuse. This is the guy who wants to institute a single payer healthcare scheme--in hos pwn words. He has been saying this for like 30 years and he continues to say it now. In what respect is that small government? That is not small government. The only difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is that Donald Trump is a little less keen on Mexicans that Hillary Clinton is. And you may be mistaking--” [crosstalk] 
COHEN: “I disagree with that totally. There are distinct differences between him and Hillary Clinton.” 
COSTELLO: “Okay, okay. I’m going to stop you ladies right now. Wait. Stop. Stop. I want to ask Mark —“
MAIR: “Another difference, Hillary Clinton hasn’t been endorsed by the KKK and David Duke and her kid isn’t going out and doing radio shows with white supremacists.” [crosstalk] 
COSTELLO: “Stop. Stop. Stop.”

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