WaPo’s Goldman: ‘There Is Legal Jeopardy’ for Clinton in FBI E-mail Investigation

‘Many people have told us that the investigation of General Petraeus and his outcome really could affect what happens in the Hillary investigation’

GEIST: "Let’s get more on this. Joining us now, “Washington Post” national security reporter Adam Goldman who broke this story yesterday. Adam, great to have you with us. Help us comb through it a bit. You reported the FBI is likely to want the interview secretary Clinton herself and many of her aides. What is the peril for her as we look through all this?"
GOLDMAN: "Well, there’s legal exposure. Any time you get in the room with FBI agents who are conducting a criminal investigation. As you might remember, we saw this with Martha Stewart who didn’t do anything wrong until she talked to FBI agents and lied to them. So there’s a political question, a legal question for the Hillary campaign. Do they talk to FBI agents so they can wrap up this investigation? If she doesn’t, then her opponents in the race might say 'Why isn’t the potential contenders for the presidency cooperating with the FBI?'”
GEIST: "This is only one of six investigations. If the FBI sends this to the grand jury, if the justice Department decides to prosecute and press charges here, what is the worst outcome for Hillary Clinton in this case?"
GOLDMAN: "You know, I don’t want to say that Hillary is the target of this investigation, I don’t know that to be true. But certainly the FBI is looking at anybody who sent or received this classified information. It’s difficult to say what the worst outcome is. Many people have told us that the investigation of General Petraeus and his outcome really means that — really could affect what happens in the Hillary investigation. He was hit with a misdemeanor in the end so in he did something some people believe to be more egregious, what are you going to do with these people."
BRZEZINSKI: "So back up a little bit and define what it means to grant someone immunity. In what context would that happen? Because I think that’s delight the underlying story."
GOLDMAN: "Well, there are two types of immunity. There’s transactional immunity which means we’ll give you immunity for every bad thing you’ve ever done in your life and then there’s use immunity. Use immunity is just what are you telling me now, we’ll immunize you against that and anything you might have to say about the current situation. And that’s the more common one, which was probably what Pagliano got. Look, I think — well, a, this is another indication this is a serious FBI investigation. And what it shows is that the FBI and prosecutors are doing what they need to do to complete this investigation. You needed Brian Pagliano to talk to you. You needed to hear from the guy who set up the server and what did he know? But he’s a bit player in this, obviously, because he didn’t send or receive this classified information so it’s a sign the investigation itself is progressing."
BRZEZINSKI: "Okay. The “Washington Post” Adam Goldman, thank you very much.

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