Brokaw: Rubio Looked Like He ‘Was Running for Student Council President’

‘It was pretty clear he had a dismal night’


SCARBOROUGH: “Tom Brokaw, obviously Donald Trump’s victories were the big headlines last night, but you say an equally important story line was Marco Rubio’s failure.”
BROKAW: “It was, and I don’t see where he goes from here. I don’t know if we have the video when he first appeared last night when it was pretty clear he had a dismal night. He looked like the guy who was running for student council president who found out he didn’t have a date for the prom. He was frozen in place. Very hard to see how he puts something together how he stayness place throughout. I think Ted Cruz obviously has a shot at staying in the hunt.”
SCARBOROUGH: “So is it effectively a two-person race do you think?”
BROKAW: “I think it’s getting to that. We’ll see what happens in Florida. Obviously he’ll get a bunch of candidates — delegates there if he fulfills his promises, but after that I don’t know where he goes. I think people have made a judgment about him in the Republican party. There was already discussions. He has a future, he can run for governor of Florida. From now on we’ll have a closer examination of what trump has been promising. One of the most interesting editorial page writers I think in America is a guy named Holeman Jenkins. We never see him publicly. He gets down in the turf and writes. Apparently the Chinese and the Mexicans can bestow concessions that will make us great again or something. Until Mr. Trump and his fans show otherwise, he seems but the latest vessel of denial for voters who don’t want responsibility, they want mommy and daddy. And when you cut it all away, that’s pretty much what he’s saying. For Donald Trump to say today effectively if the speaker, speaker Ryan doesn’t play by my rules, I’m going to head butt him. He’s not a subcontractor in the construction trades, he’s the speaker of the House. He’s number three in the line.”

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