Trump: ‘I Haven’t Even Started on Hillary ‘

‘If Bill tries to portray me as a sexist, he is going to have hard time’


KILMEADE: “All right, I want to talk about something on the front page of ‘The New York Times.’ If things go the way they are right now, you’re facing off against Hillary Clinton shortly. They have been looking at you and coming up with a plan to defeat you. And one of the things they’ll do is use Bill against you. They’re going to have him pound on you and then try to marginalize you as sexist, and just a pro business —“
DOOCY: “Crazy person.”
KILMEADE: “— anti-woman candidate.”
TRUMP: “You mean they’re going to use Bill to say that I’m a sexist? That didn’t work four weeks ago. I assume you’re kidding, but —“
KILMEADE: “No, no. It’s — I’m just saying ‘The New York Times’.”
TRUMP: “I hope they do that. If bill tries to portray me as a sexist he’ll have a hard time. He had a hard time four weeks ago. They had a very rough weekend four weeks ago. But you know I hen after Hillary yet. We have to do first things first and then the big thing is tonight and what happens in two weeks. We’re doing well. We have had great polls against Hillary where I beat Hillary. But I haven’t started on Hillary yet. That will be interesting.”
EARHARDT: “Well, if you both do get the nomination, can you give us a little taste of what you’re going to say when you have to go after Hillary Clinton?”
TRUMP: “Well, I think it’s going to be pretty rough. I mean, I won’t let go of the e-mail things. If you think about it, Benghazi of course. I have support from the Benghazi folks. I guess you saw that. They endorsed me. But we are never going to let this e-mail thing die. Because frankly what she did was break the law viciously break the law. Many other people were prosecuted for it. Went to jail. She’s out there running like nothing happened. And what she did is far worse than anybody else. They say it will be trump versus Clinton. It will get out more voters than anybody in the history of the United States elections and that’s a great thing for our country. That’s something that, you know, we have always been known. We don’t vote that much and percentages and this will be the largest number of people ever to vote. And that’s something very good about that.”
DOOCY: “Well, apparently, the private polling on the Clinton side shows you have strong support in New York, which is your — the state you’re born in and the state that she represented in the U.S. Senate.”

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