Trump: Romney ‘Walks Like a Penguin’

‘If he wanted to support me, I would not accept his support’

"I would imagine at some point between him and Romney, they'll be supporting Rubio, do you think? I would imagine. Romney -- how about this beauty -- runs one of the worst campaigns in the history of politics. He should have beaten Obama easily, and for two months he disappeared. Nobody knows where he was. 

And say what you want, Obama was on Jay Leno, David Letterman, he was on every show. And Romney was like a lost soul. I don't know what happened to this guy. Then he comes out and tells me about my taxes. And actually, if you know the real story, Harry Reid shamed him and made him look like a baby, and Harry Reid pushed him and pushed him and pushed him and really made him look so stupid and weak. 

And when did Romney file his return, right? What's today's date? Today is what? Come on, tell me. Right? OK. So you know when Romney filed his return? September 21st. That's a long time from now. 

This guy, what a terrible -- I endorsed him, and about two weeks later I said, he's never going to win. Number one, when you walk onto a stage, you cannot walk like a penguin. He walked like a penguin. I said, this is a problem. Somebody tell him, take some steps. Anyway, Romney turned out to be a disaster. But I know he'll support Rubio. He probably has no choice. 

Honestly, if he wanted to support me, I would not accept his support. I really admit it. Because we have to be honest, right? We have to be honest. And I will say this. Just to show you great loyalty. I supported John McCain, and we lost. I supported Mitt Romney, and we lost. This time I said, I'm going to do it myself, OK? Big difference."

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