Trump: Nobody Knows What the Hell a Caucus Is

‘Nobody knows what it means’

“I’m watching television tonight. They’re all saying, oh, Trump is going to win tomorrow. Trump is going to win. Believe me, just assume we’re going to tie, OK. If you assume we’re going to tie, you’re going to go out and vote. Or as they’d say in the old-school caucus--but forget the word caucus, just go out and vote. Okay. I’m going to use the word just vote, vote.  I don’t want to give you an excuse what the hell is caucus. Nobody knows what it means ... Tomorrow I’m going out to the caucus sites, OK, just in case you — I’ll be in a lot of them. You better be there. If you’re not there I’m going to be so angry ... Frankly, if the people in this room went out and did, we’d win practically with that amount of people ... I don’t want to turn on the television and say, you know, Trump has the biggest crowds, the highest popularity, everybody loves the job he’s going to do, but his people were too damn lazy to go out and caucus, all right. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t make me have a miserable evening.”

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