Todd: Clinton Camp ‘Nervous’ About Nevada While Sanders Is ‘Very Confident’

‘A Sanders victory here suddenly puts more pressure on Clinton’


GUTHRIE: “Kristen Welker, thanks. Chuck is still with us. And let’s talk about the Democrats. Nevada’s caucus on Saturday. Caucuses, even harder to predict for pollsters.”
TODD: “Yeah.”
GUTHRIE: “But when you look at the race and you look at kind of the body language, who looks confident, who looks nervous?”
TODD: “Well, I can tell you this, the Clinton campaign seems nervous, the Sanders campaign seems very confident at this point. This is clearly fairly close. They’ve both dumped a lot of money in here. This is actually though a must-win for Sanders and here’s why: There is this idea that he can’t win in states that are more diverse. Nevada is basically about 60/40 white to non-white, at least the way this Democratic caucus is going to turn out. A narrow loss here and the Clinton’s campaign can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that South Carolina is coming a week later and that they’re likely to roll there, too. A loss here, a Sanders victory here, suddenly puts more pressure on Clinton and then the questions are, oh, well, maybe Sanders can win minority votes. And then the pressure on her to win South Carolina is as great as it’s been in any state so far.”

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