Trump: ‘I Didn’t Say’ I Think DACA Is ‘Great’

‘I didn’t say that ... I never heard that question’

SCIUTTO: "Mr. Trump, I want to ask you about one more thing you said. You said immigrants that enter before their 16th birthday to receive a two-year renewal work permit and exemption from deportation. You said I think it's great."
TRUMP: "I didn't say that. Wait, wait, wait. I never heard that question."
SCIUTTO: "So you're saying just on the record here you do not think this renewable work program --"
TRUMP: "Unless somebody asked me a question I didn't respond to."
SCIUTTO: "So no support to what amounts to a visitor worker program."
TRUMP: "Jim, you're putting the question up that I don't even -- I just left the press conference. I didn't hear that. That must have been a different question that you heard."

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