Trump: Ted Cruz ‘Is the Single Biggest Liar,’ ‘Probably Worse than Jeb Bush’

Planned Parenthood, Trump said, does ‘wonderful things having to do with women’s health’

CRUZ: "For most of his life, his policies have been very, very liberal. For most of his life he has described himself as very pro-choice, and as a supporter of partial-birth abortion. Right now, today, as a candidate, he supports federal taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. I disagree with him on that. That is a matter of principle--" 
TRUMP: "You are the single biggest liar. You are probably worse than Jeb Bush. You are the single biggest liar. This guy lied-- let me just tell you. This guy lied about Ben Carson when he took votes away from Ben Carson in Iowa. And he just continues. And today, we had robo calls sayi'ng, "Donald Trump is not going to run in South Carolina" where I'm leading by a lot. I'm not going to run. 'Vote for Ted Cruz. This is the same thing he did to Ben Carson. This guy will say anything. Nasty guy. Now I know why he doesn't have one endorsement from any of his colleagues." 
CRUZ: "All right, John, I get to respond." 
DICKERSON: "Pick from the buffet there.--" 
TRUMP: "--He is a nasty guy." 
CRUZ: "I will say-- I will say it is fairly remarkable to see Donald defending Ben after he called him pathological and compared him to a child molester, both of which were offensive and wrong." 
TRUMP: "I just quoted his book." 
CRUZ: "You notice Donald didn't disagree with the substance that he supports taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. And Donald has this weird pattern -- when you point to his own record he screams liar, liar, liar." 
TRUMP: "Where did I support it? Where did I support it?" 
CRUZ: "If you want to go and watch the video, go to our website --" 
TRUMP: "Hey, Ted, where did I support it? Don't tell me about a video." 
CRUZ: "Out of his own mouth-- you supported it when we were battling over defunding Planned Parenthood." 
TRUMP: "That's a lot of nonsense." 
CRUZ: "You said planned Parenthood does wonderful things--" 
TRUMP: "It does do wonderful things but not as it relates relates to args bothers. Excuse me. There are wonderful things having to do with women's health." 
CRUZ: "You and I Dils agree on that." 
TRUMP: "Not when it comes to abortion. Not when it comes to abortion. That's where I draw the line. 
CRUZ: "The reason, John, principal matters, sadly, was illustrated by the first questions today. The next president is gog appoint one, two, three, four supreme court justices. If Donald Trump is president, he will appoint liberals. If Donald Trump is president--" 
TRUMP: "Excuse me, excuse me." 
CRUZ: "Your second amendment will go away. You know how I know that--" 
DICKERSON: "Hold on gentlemen, I'm going to turn this car around." 
TRUMP" "Ted Cruz with your brother wanted John Roberts to be on the United States Supreme Court. They both pushed him."

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