Jeb: I Wish I Got the Free Press Trump Did

‘Donald Trump gets a lot of free press’

O’DONNELL: “Jeb Bush is looking toward the South Carolina primary this morning telling supporters his campaign is not dead. He finished fourth in New Hampshire. Bush won 11 percent of the vote. His campaign and Super PAC spent more than $36 million in New Hampshire or about $1,200 per vote. That is 30 times more than Donald Trump. The former Florida governor traveled to South Carolina overnight and is with us from Hilton Head. Governor Bush, good morning.”
BUSH: “Good morning, good morning. Donald Trump gets a lot of free press, I wish I did. (Laughter)
O’DONNELL: “Well let me ask though, did what you spent in New Hampshire pay off?”
BUSH: “First of all, let’s be clear that I’m not coordinating with the Super PAC that spent most of that money. It paid off in the sense that a week before, there was a coronation. People in New Hampshire, I think, took, you know, a pause and said that at least — not related to Donald Trump, but for the other people that the 60 percent that voted that they wanted someone who had a proven leadership record and I do. And I commend John Kasich for the campaign that he ran. We ran a good campaign as well and look forward to taking it now to South Carolina.”

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