Trump on One-Term Pledge: If I’m Doing a Good Job’ I’ll Run for Re-Election

‘If I’m doing a good job I’ll keep going’

TODD: "I want to ask about one final thing here and in 1999 when you talked about running for president, you hinted that it may be easier to pledge being a one-term president because you’d take the politics out of the second term. Do you still feel that way?"
TRUMP: "Well, I think there are certain advantages but if you’re doing a great job — I’ve seen people do that and want to go further and do more good people and they never win. Because they said one term and it’s a real negative. I don’t want to say that but there are certain advantages to it. But if we’re doing great and if the people like me, if I was lucky enough to win. You know, my whole thing is make America great again. We’re going to make America great again. Make our military strong, take care of our vets, we’ll have strong borders, we will have the wall. So many different things, health care, get rid of ObamaCare, great plans for much less money. We’re going to make America great again. I will tell you if we’re doing a great job, we’ll keep going. And if we’re not, you know, we have automatic termination. It’s called the voters will terminate. But that won’t happen. 
TODD: "So you’re not doing a one-term pledge?” 
TRUMP: "No, I’m not going to do a one-term pledge. If I’m doing a good job I’ll keep going.”
TODD: "Donald Trump, leave it there. See you in South Carolina.”
TRUMP: "Thank you very much.”


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