Ben Sasse: ‘If Being Pro Constitution Makes Me Anti-Trump, I Think That’s His Problem’

‘So if being pro constitution makes me anti-Mr. Trump, I think that’s his problem’

GEIST: “Joining us now from Des Moines, Iowa, Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska. Senator Sasse has not endorsed 2016 candidate yet. But he is hitting the campaign trail with Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, in what is widely seen as an effort to slow down or stop Donald Trump. Senator good to see. I like that you’re representing for the Cornhuskers in the state of Iowa to make clear —“
BRZEZINSKI: “Yeah. There you go.”
GEIST: “— that you not switch teams. That’s a very wise choice.”
SASSE: “Good morning. It’s the only clothes I own. (Laughter) So, it has a symbolic meaning but it’s just reality.” (Laughter)
GEIST: “All right, all right. Big red. So let’s talk about this, a lot of people are viewing your efforts as not endorsing a particular candidate but going out to say we’ve got to stop Donald Trump in his tracks. Is that a fair assessment of what you’re doing in Iowa?” 
SASSE: “Hey, I’m pro-Constitution and I want to make America great again. And the best way to do that is by uniting around the things that bring us together — and that’s not one guy’s ego. That’s the system of laws and limited government. So, if being pro-Constitution makes me anti-Mr. Trump, I think that’s his problem.”

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