Dr. Carson on Staffer’s Death: ‘He Wanted America To Be a Kindler and Gentler Place’

‘Well, the lesson to me, and particularly to the younger people, is please don’t copy my generation and become hardened and cynical and hateful of people with whom you disagree’

CARLSON: "All this prompting Dr. Carson to temporarily suspend his campaign and Dr. Carson joins me now exclusively from Omaha, Nebraska. Doctor, I know this has been such a tough 24 hours for you and your staff and for the volunteers. Take me back to yesterday and what happened."
CARSON: "Well, they were in a van, four of them, and apparently hit some black ice, a very slippery area. The van turned on its side, went across the median into oncoming traffic and was hit by a pickup truck. Unfortunately a lot of damage was done and Braden was in a very bad location in the van."
CARLSON: "And this happened yesterday morning. I know that he was pronounced dead later on in the afternoon. You and your campaign flew his family up immediately to Omaha to try to get to him. It's my understanding that they just missed his passing?"
CARSON: "Yeah, it was sad. I spoke to the trauma surgeons and they were trying to do everything they could to keep him alive at least until the family got there, but it was about an hour difference. Everybody worked so hard, the hospital staff was spectacular, but, you know, this young man was just amazing. I was fortunate enough to get to know him and he was so incredibly compassionate. He cared about how other people felt. He would really go out of his way to make sure that everybody was feeling okay. I just think if everybody acted like him, we'd have a lot fewer problems in our country."
CARSON: "It's so interesting, I know you were describing him in other interviews that I read as compassionate, energetic, caring and you said I hope his death will not be in vain. He wanted America to be Kinder and a gentler place."

CARLSON: "What's the lesson from all of this as far as the kind of life that he's led in only 25 years?"
CARSON: "Well, the lesson to me, and particularly to the younger people, is please don't copy my generation and become hardened and cynical and hateful of people with whom you disagree. You know, we all have different lives and we all have different opinions, but we're all in the same boat. It doesn't mean that we have to be enemies just because we disagree about something. That's the real lesson."
CARLSON: "Well, that's very interesting because you have decided as an outsider to get into the political realm where oftentimes it can be dicey and hateful, et cetera. I know you are suspending your campaign now until tomorrow, is that correct?"
CARSON: "Yes. We'll get back tomorrow afternoon once again."

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